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Libertas Consulting, LLC was founded on the principle that small to medium sized businesses deserve the same level of support that is generally reserved for larger budgets and businesses. We work with you to understand your unique challenges to make sure you’re spending the right dollars in the right places, while streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. What makes Libertas Consulting different is our ability to bring multiple areas of expertise with a single point of contact that understands your business and objectives and works with you to make those objectives a reality. Libertas has partnerships with the best vendors in the industry and we are able to deliver these partnerships along with their pricing and resources to your business. Our clients that fully utilize our services come to find that we can dramatically lower their overall IT spend.   We look at your business as a whole and look to partner your business with the right vendor to offer you the best solutions and cost savings. Our Services are completely tailored around the needs of our clients.   We offer a full range of services including but not limited to Help Desk support, Infrastructure Support and Upgrades, Vendor Management, Low Voltage Wiring, Secured Wireless Infrastructure, VoIP/PBX Phone Support and Installations, Security Camera Installation and Hosted Cloud Solutions. Our Team of experts is your Team – We will work with your existing IT Department or as your IT Department to make sure you are getting the best most efficient service available. We’re so much more than your standard IT Company and we would love to be an integral part of your success story.   We stand by our motto and live it with you every step of the way – “Freedom from Technology Challenges!”

What We Do

Technical Consulting

Happy with your current IT needs, but are looking for a 2nd set of eyes to…

Technical Support

We can be the support you need. Most support issues can be resolved over the…

WiFi Implementation
Infrastructure Support

Whether you’re looking to repair or upgrade existing infrastructure – or if you’re looking to…

Cloud Based Solutions

Having partners and solutions with vendors such as Go-Daddy, Microsoft, Google, AppRiver, and Carbonite, Libertas…

Low Voltage Wiring

We live in a wireless world, but even those wireless devices terminate to a wire someplace….

Vendor Management

Feel like your current vendors have your hands tied? Looking for the right vendor or just…

Telephony Support

Whether you’re looking to make subtle changes to make your current system more efficient –…

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Thank you to the staff of Advanced Living Communities - our Heroes in the senior living community. COVID19 has nothing on you or your desire to help the 400+ residents of your communities. Also, thank you to… https://t.co/tjf1pKlEEt
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Libertas is offering new clients Free Microsoft Office 365 licensing as well as Free Security Software to help you work remotely & safely with your teams.  These are troubling times that we are living in with much… https://t.co/4gQrR7XhXM
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