More than Managed Infrastructure – Libertas Freedom is a fully managed Infrastructure Security Solution for your business that has $0 upfront cost.

  • The need for fast & secure wireless connectivity is no longer a luxury – it’s an essential part of having a business – and one that customers expect.
  • When Customers have easy access to secure WiFi at your location they stay longer, buy/spend more and are more likely to refer your business to others.
  • Libertas Freedom offers your guests the fast, secure WiFi access they expect – along with the private and secure wireless access you and your employees need to run your business efficiently on both wireless and wired connections.

The Process

It all starts with a conversation and a survey.  We talk with you about your business and what makes it unique.  Once we understand your  business and its needs we also take into consideration things like user capacity, growth, interference from neighbors, any structures, as well as any existing  infrastructure already in place so that we can encompass your business as a whole and create a custom plan that fits both the need and budget of the business.

Next, Libertas procures, configures and deploys all equipment and additional hardware required.  When everything is installed, Libertas Freedom remotely manages and monitors the equipment 24x7x365 and keeps it up-to-date with all necessary security patches.  In the case of any downtime or hardware issues, Libertas Freedom will replace and/or repair monitored equipment – in many cases, before users notice an issue!

Libertas Freedom Offers:

  • Full Assessment of your current infrastructure
  • Procurement and Deployment of all required equipment and configurations
  • Secure WiFi Access for your business and its guests
  • Isolated Guest Network keeps your guests and your corporate networks separate.
  • Customizable Bandwidth Allocation keeps guests happy without overtaking bandwidth.
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring keeps your network running at all times
  • Replacement of Equipment means if the equipment fails, Libertas is replacing it at no additional cost, generally before you know it has failed.

Benefits of Libertas Freedom:

  • Management. Solution is remotely managed, so no need for in-house equipment or additional staff to support infrastructure
  • Savings. Libertas handles support and equipment replacement costs.
  • Security. Additional features protect threats before they impact your clients
  • Scalability. If your business grows, the solution will scale as your business does.
  • Reliability. Proactive, 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and resolution assures minimal downtime due to outages.
  • Affordability. Libertas Freedom includes survey, procurement of equipment, installation, replacement hardware, with $0 upfront costs.

Additional Add-ons:

  • Usage Monitoring available to gather details about who connects and what they do when they connect.
  • Customizable URL Landing Page. Add your company logo/landing page when guests access your WiFi.
  • Intrusion Prevention. An added layer of security to help protect your network from outside threats.
  • Enhanced Security to your Corporate Users via Client Based Security Application

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